Maintaining legacy tape environments, to facilitate potential, possibly infrequent access to data stored on older, non strategic backup platforms, represents a cost and resource burden to most organisations.

Costs including software license fees, power & cooling requirements, hardware maintenance fees, and so on, can be eliminated via Media Discovery’s Tape Restoration on Demand Service.
Media Discovery works with customers to establish what needs to be retained and helps to deliver an efficient and legally defensible process for the restoration of required data – on demand - whilst enabling the client to retire the legacy environment and eliminate the associated costs.
As part of our Tape Restoration on Demand service we offer to take over the management of the tapes by ingesting the customers tape catalogue or creating/and maintaining a new catalogue for future reference.
Our Tape Restoration on Demand programme is built on our ability to restore information from virtually all physical tape formats and logical backup formats. Our services are delivered by experienced professionals in our dedicated and secure Data Services centre.
Whilst handling all of the common backup formats our technical experts also have the ability to write specific data handlers for the restoration of older (e.g. optical) formats.