The ability to restore recordings and meta-data non-natively ensures that your organisation can respond to litigation requests whilst maintaining Chain of Custody and Data Integrity.

Our service offering delivers the ability and expertise to restore recordings and metadata from voice-logger tape or optical disk non-natively (i.e., without the equipment originally used to write the tapes), convert the audio data from a proprietary format into .wav or .mp3 files and associate recovered metadata to individual recordings for objective culling. The output can then be prepared as a load file for ingestion into a third-party audio review platform or in spreadsheet format.

Formats Supported

Supported formats for audio restoration and conversion of voice recordings include those from the following voice-logger machines: NICELog, Nortel, Dictaphone Guardian, Dictaphone Freedom, Eyretel, RACAL (WordSafe, WordNet), Eventide, ASC, Lanier, Magnasync, Mercom, Meridian, Comverse, and Verint. Processing capabilities make audio accessible, partnerships with audio search platforms make review comprehensive, scalable and economical.
The benefits of using audio processing services
Respond to Litigation Requests
Restore From Non-Native Environments
Maintain Chain of Custody & Data Integrity
Reduce Risk